A new way to work with VK! Subscription Options!

Happy 2017 !! It’s been more than 10 years since VK started and we’re still amazed by the user testimonials and stories about how helpful VK has been, such as this one from Malcolm Thorp, an audio engineer from the UK:

I had to call upon your software again last week. The picture changed on Saturday (without my knowledge), the program was to be on air the Sunday evening on Channel 4. I know you must get many testimonials and I’m only freelance so this must seem dramatic, but…
VirtualKaty saved my life!!!
Class software!!! I now carry it with me everywhere…

These stories have been instrumental in our development and the constant user feedback we still receive pushes us to further enhance the VirtualKaty experience.

One suggestion, in particular, was mentioned frequently. This was to provide an option to allow users to work with VirtualKaty during a project timeline. As a result, we are introducing the following VK subscriptions.

$350 for a 3 months VK subscription

$150 for a 1 month VK subscription


VK Subscriptions are available for VK5 Premium, VK4 Premium and VK Premium 3.0. VK Rental has been discontinued.