What’s new in VK 6.5.0 for Mac? Pro Tools 2018 support !

The new VK6 update, VirtualKaty 6.5.0 for Mac, brings in several performance improvements and is compatible with Pro Tools 2018 and Pro Tools 2018 Ultimate. VirtualKaty 6.5.0 is also backward compatible with Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools 12 Ultimate. Here is a list of features and changes related to VirtualKaty 6.5.0.

Features and Changes

  • Compatibility: Compatible with Pro Tools 2018, Pro Tools 2018 Ultimate, PT12 and PT12 Ultimate. It also works on Mac OSX High Sierra (10.13), Mac OSX Sierra (10.12) and Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11) systems.
  • Conform speed control feature: Select the speed of your conforms depending upon the size of the Pro Tools session. This feature has five different speed settings for the conform process.


  • Default naming of lists and change plans: When a new list or change plan is created, a default name is provided. User has the option to change the names.
  • Edit change plan details: Click on an existing change with the left mouse button plan to bring up the option to edit the change plan details.
  • Filters tab in list view: Add or change the filters in an EDL List directly from the List view.


  • Multi-select events for frames: Multi-select events in a change plan and add/reduce frames to the events.
  • Audio for video playback: Listen to the audio of videos uploaded into VK. Audio mute buttons added to remove audio.
  • Timecode Feature issue: Fixed issue. Values entered in the text box are no longer adding to the previous value entered.
  • Offset change plan issue: Fixed issue. The first value “New From” column in the change plan events section was being rounded off to 00:00:00. VK6 shifted the timecode in order to make sure that the conforms always starts at 00:00:00:00, creating a slight offset.


VirtualKaty 6 is available for purchase from the online store and you can also apply for a 48 hour trial to test the new update, VirtualKaty 6.5.0, with your projects.

You can find the VirtualKaty 6.5.0 installer here and tutorial guides are available here.