I get an error message “”VK2 couldn’t select timecode on ProTools – is the DV Toolkit installed and active?””. How do I fix this?

This message usually means that the version of VirtualKaty you are currently running on your computer is not incompatible with your ProTools or Nuendo workstation. E.g. Using VK2 with ProTools 10.

IMPORTANT: For VK4 and VK5 users. This error message can show up if the language used in your operating system (OS) and PT system is not English. Since ProTools is now a multi-language application and it launches in the same language the OS is set to. For example if the language used in your OS is German, VK4 will not work properly and will throw the error message.

To solve this you need to change the language setting on your OS to English before launching VK.

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