Support Issues (9)

VirtualKaty 6 has a problem sending keystrokes to Pro Tools

When conforming a Pro Tools session using VirtualKaty 6 on Mac OSX, VirtualKaty pops up with an error stating “Problem Conforming… VK6 had difficulty sending keystrokes to Pro Tools”.

The reason for this is because there is communication breakdown between VirtualKaty and Pro Tools. We found that this issue usually occurs if your studio rig has two displays (i.e. if VirtualKaty (VK) is running on one display and Pro Tools is running on another display). VK worked when both VK and Pro Tools are on the same display. If you are using two displays, try running VK6 and Pro Tools on one display.

We were also informed that this issue might happen when you use other third party tools with ProTools. So this is not an isolated incident.

There are discrepancies in the final output when using VirtualKaty 6 and Pro Tools Ultimate in Mac OSX. Why does this happen?

These discrepancies could be due to AppNap interfering with conforming process. The explanation and the resolution of this issue can be found here.

VK keeps crashing whenever I attempt to import an edl. Why does this happen? What format must I use to generate the EDLs?

If VK is crashing on import its probably an issue with the EDL format.

  • For VK6, the EDLs need to be in edl32, edl16 or CMX3600 format
  • For VK5 or VK4, the EDLs need to be in the CMX3600 format.
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General Information (4)

What version of Pro Tools will VirtualKaty work with?

You can see the specifications and the environment (including Pro Tools version) required to run each version of VirtualKaty in the link below.

Link: VirtualKaty Installers

Select the version you are interested in the page to view the details.

When using VirtualKaty, what format must I use to generate edls?

For VK6, the EDLs need to be in edl32, edl16 or CMX3600 format. For VK5 or VK4, the EDLs need to be in the CMX3600 format.

See our tutorials for more information.

What files can VirtualKaty read?

VirtualKaty 6, VK5 Premium, VK4 Premium and VK Premium Collection 3.0 can read edls and Avid Change Notes. Cinema Tools xmls files are not compatible with VK5, VK4 and VK 3.0.

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Purchasing/Trialing VirtualKaty (5)

What happens when I purchase VirtualKaty or register for a trial?

Purchasing or requesting a trial for VirtualKaty Premium Collection requires an iLok.com account (Go to http://www.ilok.com/).

After purchasing VK Premium Collection, a license will be deposited into your nominated iLok account.
For the 48-hour trial, a temporary license will be deposited in your iLok account shortly after you register.

Once deposited, synchronize the license to your iLok Key to start using VirtualKaty.

Are there any educational discounts?

We do offer a discount to qualifying students and educational institutions on a purchase of a VK Premium Collection full license or upgrade. Click here to apply for an educational license.

How long can the VirtualKaty trial license be in the iLok account?

The trial license can be inside your iLok account until you download it into your iLok key. Once downloaded the license will expire after 60 days. The trial can only be downloaded once by each user.

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