New VK6 features from a new update. Introducing VirtualKaty 6.1.0 !!

Since the release of VirtualKaty 6, we have been receiving some amazing feedback from our users including new feature suggestions, UI design and even keyboard shortcuts. We plan to bring these ideas into VirtualKaty 6 by introducing periodic updates. Here is a list of what’s new in the first VK6 update, VirtualKaty 6.1.0.

Features & Changes

  • User Interface: Users can see/add/delete EDLs in a List from the main VK6 window. Clicking on a List, allows users to view the EDLs within the List.
  • Change Note Feature: VK6 now allows users to import and use Avid change notes for audio conforms.
  • Drag and Drop Issue: VK6 was crashing when a user drags EDLs into the List box in the main window. To prevent this, EDLs cannot be added by dragging. EDLs have to be selected and imported via the action items.

Screenshot 2017-12-30 22.04.47

  • Timecode Feature: Allow users to alter the timecode in a change plan by minutes.
  • Mouse Button Clicks: Users can double-click on a List/Change Plan to rename it. Ctrl + Left mouse button click on a list/change plan brings up a contextual menu to delete or rename it.
  • Compatibility: This VK6 update is compatible with Pro Tools 12.8.2 and supports Mac OSX Sierra (10.12) and Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11).

Screenshot 2017-12-30 22.04.32

VirtualKaty 6 is available for purchase from the online store. VK Subscriptions for VK6 is also available in the store.

You can find the VirtualKaty 6.1.0 installer here and tutorial guides are available here.