Mirrored Feature: Using One List in VK6 for a conform session

VirtualKaty 6 allows you to use only one List to upload information from the EDLs in the List into a Pro Tools session. We call this the Mirrored feature. Here are the main steps to follow when using this feature.

Prepare your Pro Tools session

Follow the steps mentioned in the guide, Prepare the Pro Tools session, before working with VK6.

Important: Don’t quit Pro Tools. Leave it running in the background.

Running the conform with one list on VK6

First, select the Timebase for the project. Make sure the timebase selected in VK6 is the same in Pro Tools.

2ca. VK6 - Timecode

Click on the Import EDL(s) into List button.

2c. VK6 - Create List

Select the EDL(s) you want to upload into VK6. If the picture has more than one EDL, Shift-Click to select them all. When you load the EDLs into VK6 and it will run sequentially to create the EDL List.  You must ensure that EDLs are of the same type.

Note: VK6 supports edl32, edl16 and cmx3600 EDL file types.

2d. VK6 - Add EDL

The “Create New List” dialog box will popup. Enter a name for the New List and Click OK. Once done, you see the List view as shown below.


Creating the mirrored change plan

Click on the Create Change Plan button.

2i. VK6 - Create Change Plan icon


Click on the Mirrored check box in the “Create Comparison between” dialog box and select the List from the Old List drop down. Once done, enter a name for the Change Plan.

Change Plan Dialog Box - Mirrored

The window automatically changes from the EDL List window to the Change Plan window and you will see the following view.
Change Plan VIew


Timecode Feature

Look at the spreadsheet-like list shown in the picture above (“Change Plan Edits”). The first two timecode columns (OLD FROM and OLD TO)  show where the original position of the EDLs are in the Pro Tools session while the right two timecode columns (NEW FROM and NEW TO)  shows where the new position of the EDLs are going to be in the session.

Timecode positions

Change the final timecode position of the right two columns using the + and – buttons above the columns (Timecode – New Movie buttons). Make sure that the new position does not overlap with the original timecode since this can affect the conform results.

FInal Timecode buttons

Run Conform

Click the “ Conform All” button at the bottom right corner to start the conforming process.

2i. VK6 - ConformAll

During the conform process regions are copied at the original timecode in the ProTools session and pasted at the destination timecode. Once done, VK sends an alert that the conforming process is completed.

2j. VK6 - ConformComplete

Save Pro Tools Session

1. Change Session Start Time: The audio has been conformed to an ‘offset’ hour in the ProTools session. Change the Session Start Time back to the original setting to sync conformed audio to the new picture. The original session remains unaltered.

1a. PT - Session Timeline

2. Save ProTools session: Remove the original session and save the conformed version as the new version of the ProTools session.