What’s new in VirtualKaty 6.6 ?

VirtualKaty 6.6.0 for Mac is here with several performance improvements. The primary feature is that VirtualKaty 6.6 runs conforms without interference from AppNap.

App Nap is a system feature in Mac OSX that puts programs you’re not currently using or looking at to sleep. It does this by blocking them from using system resources, especially the CPU, until you focus on them again.

Features and Changes

  • Compatibility: Compatible with Pro Tools 2019, Pro Tools 2019 Ultimate, Pro Tools 2018, Pro Tools 2018 Ultimate, PT12 and PT12 HD, PT11 and PT11 HD. It also works on Mac OSX Mojave (10.14), Mac OSX High Sierra (10.13), Mac OSX Sierra (10.12) and Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11) systems.
  • AppNap Prevention: VirtualKaty 6.6 runs audio conforms without getting affected by AppNap, even working with large Pro Tools sessions.
  • Spreadsheet like interface for Lists: The interface for Lists is more interactive. You can now edit the values within a List.

A) The image below shows how to edit values in a List


  • Add or Edit Information in a List: Users can also add events, delete events, copy events in a List. The action items can be accessed by right clicking on the row number in the List. Any changes done are recorded in the VK project and does not affect your original EDL files.

B) The image below shows how to insert a new event


C) The image below shows how to copy and paste an event. It also shows how to delete an event.



VirtualKaty 6 is available for purchase from the online store and you can also apply for a 48 hour trial to test the new update, VirtualKaty 6.6.0.

You can find the VirtualKaty 6.6.0 installer here and tutorial guides are available here.