This is Deluxe Spain And This Is How We Work

Alex is based in Spain where he manages a team involved in multiple audio related projects. His company, Deluxe Spain, is one of the first customers to use a VirtualKaty Network edition in their workflow. We spoke with him and he told us a little about the Deluxe team and how VirtualKaty Network automates and streamlines their projects.


1. Hi Alex, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Alex Mohamed and I’m the technical manager for Deluxe in Spain.

2. Could share with us a little about the work you do.

In Spain, we have operations in Barcelona and Madrid. Altogether we have around thirty-five audio studios to create sound editorial, foley and mix for TV shows, theatrical movies and advertising ads.

3. Are there any apps, software, or tools can’t you live without?

The current workflow we use requires projects we are working on to stay opened during the final stages of post-production. Pro Tools and re-conform tools such as VirtualKaty play a very important role to help our teams to be successful on their job and to meet our deadlines.


4. Which version of VK did you first use and what about VirtualKaty made you interested in it?

We´ve been working with VirtualKaty for 12 years. We had a project where the editor changed four times and there were constant changes in the work. After some deep research, we found that VK3 could help us and it became a key tool for that project. It helped us save tons of time and money.

5. You are one of the first customers to use VirtualKaty 6 Network. How is it used in your projects?

Firstly, thank you to the VK team for creating network licenses. This was one of our big requests for many years and finally it was released. Well done.



With one VK network license, we can use up to 5 machines working simultaneously, no matter which facility it is from. This makes it much easier for us to segregate jobs between studios and facilities, improving our operations. Also, the new features from VirtualKaty 6 has improved the conforming process and helped us to maintain control of all the changes in a project.

6. How does it compare with the single VirtualKaty licenses? Does it complement better with your workflow?

VirtualKaty network licenses fit perfectly in our environment. Our operations are based in two cities and there are five facilities with a unique license server. Network licenses allow us to manage our time better and has improved our financial efficiency. Overall, it has made our life easier.

7. What recent projects did you work on with VirtualKaty Network?

We are not able to share name projects we were involved in as they are covered by NDA. But we can confirm that the VK network license was used in 12 or our last 15 projects successfully. The feedback from our team about VK6 and the network version was very positive.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about what you do?

Thanks to the VK team for giving us the opportunity to share about how we work and also about the type of job we do. We wish you all the best.