It’s here !! VirtualKaty 6 Network for Mac!

VirtualKaty 6 (VK6) Network for Mac OSX is the first version of VirtualKaty to work with network licenses. A network license allows you to share the license from one computer across a LAN or WiFi network. This means with one VK6 network license you can share VirtualKaty 6 across multiple computers.



We designed VK6 Network for teams and studios in order to make it more flexible and convenient to use VirtualKaty within their workspace. So as your team grows, the cost of adding an extra computer reduces. A VirtualKaty Network license is a subscription license and requires an iLok server license.

The subscription price is inclusive of the iLok server license cost and any VK upgrades. So if a new version of VirtualKaty is introduced, VK7, you can automatically upgrade the network license to the new version of VK.

Base Package (1 year subscription)

$3000 for a VirtualKaty 6 Network license with 5 seats.

Includes 5 seat licenses (5 computers) and iLok server license setup

Add Ons to Base Package

$300 for each extra seat in addition to the base package

Example: VK6 Network license for 7 seats (Base Package + 2 seats add ons), the price is $2500.


This first version of VirtualKaty Network is based on our latest build, VirtualKaty 6.5.0. It works with PT12, PT12 HD, Pro Tools 2018 and Pro Tools 2018 Ultimate and has been tested on Apple OS X High Sierra (10.13). VirtualKaty 6.5.0 feature updates and changes are listed here.

VK6 Network is available for purchase from the online store and you can find the VirtualKaty 6 Network installer here.

If you want to test VirtualKaty 6 Network, please contact us via our homepage or send us an email to [email protected].