Exporting from Media Composer as AAF and Quicktime files

Exporting files from Media Composer

To be able to keep track of your different exported version you may want to create a separate bin called “Export”, or something similar, where you copy your timeline before each export.

After copying your timeline you export it from Media Composer by right-clicking on it in the bin and selecting Send To… > Pro Tools on Unity > Quicktime – Link to Audio.


Export settings in Media Composer

Give the export a name in the following dialog and use the Set button to select the folder for the export to be saved to. I personally prefer to create a folder for all exports and store each export in a subfolder called “Version01”, “Version02” and so on.

You are able to change settings for the picture such as resolution, aspect ratio and which codec to use under Export Setting 1. For performance you may want to use a codec with all or mostly keyframes. Export Setting 2 should be set to Link to Audio.


The video track is exported as a Quicktime movie. This is shown below.


We made sure to include all tracks include video even though we export it separately as a Quicktime.


When the export is finished you should have two files in your folder, an .aaf file and a .mov file.