Running the conform in VirtualKaty

Import first EDL and Import second EDL

To conform the session to the new edit you open VirtualKaty while Pro Tools is still open and import the two EDL files, the one representing the original version (previous export) of the session and then the one representing the new edit.


Click on Conform All

When the two files has been imported you will be shown two lists on the left side of the window. Clicking on the item in the Change Plan list will display a summary of the differences between them and then clicking the Conform All button to start conforming the session.


By doing that VirtualKaty will switch over to Pro Tools and start controlling it. Your material will be copied to the start of the session to correspond to the new edit. Wait until Virtual Katy shows a new dialog to confirm that the conform was done successfully.

Your original edit will still be present at 01:00:00:00 in the session if you need it.